Welcome to FI Adventure and my Adventure List!

First, a little bit about the origin of this list.

At the beginning of this year, I had the realization that I was not living the kind of life that I wanted. I was safe and mostly content but I also felt stifled and unfulfilled. Having just ended another year of very little personal growth I was ready for a change. Up to this point, resolutions hadn’t been working for me so I knew I needed to find another motivational tool to get my rear into gear.

Word of the Year: Adventure

After much reflection and soul searching I found that I had one theme that I wanted to pursue more than anything else. Adventure.

I go more into my thought process on choosing my Word of the Year here.

Although I intend on adding adventure into aspects of my everyday life, I’m also a list junkie and planner at heart. This inexhaustive list is some of my bucket list items for this year of adventure. I’d love for you to follow along on my fun and maybe be inspired to add a little adventure to your life too!

2018 Adventure List

  1. Start a blog (One down already!)
  2. Make thoughtful homemade gifts for 5 people
  3. Read 1 book a month
  4. Pay off my credit card debt
  5. Go “leaf peeping”
  6. Go to a spa for the first time
  7. Visit Europe
  8. Take a blogging course
  9. Sell a made by me product
  10. Visit 3 more states of the U.S.
  11. Become conversationally adept at another language
  12. Take a coding course
  13. Hike up a mountain
  14. Go on a solo camping trip
  15. Go to a conference/convention
  16. Stay in a theme park hotel
  17. Take a cruise
  18. Learn how to play an instrument
  19. Make a publicly available YouTube video